From Helsinki by plane
NB! Finnair has suspended flights between Helsinki and Tartu for one month. It affects our event as well. Please book your flights through the Tallinn airport to be sure you will get to Estonia on time.

The airline company Finnair Oyj started selling tickets for regular flights between Tartu and Helsinki Airport starting from March 31, 2024.

There are 12 trips per week between Tartu and Helsinki Airport. Flights start departing from Tartu to Helsinki at 6:00 a.m. and at 3:00 p.m. Flights to Tartu from Helsinki at 1:50 p.m. and 11:55 p.m.

You can view the exact flight schedule and buy tickets on Finnair's website:



From Riga and Tallinn by bus
You can get from Riga to Tartu by Lux Express bus. Please find the most suitable time from the bus schedule HERE. Buses leave from Riga bus station and Riga Airport.

The most convenient way to get to Tartu from Tallinn is to take the Lux Express coach. The buses leave every hour, from the Tallinn Airport as well as the Tallinn Coach Station (address: Lastekodu 46, 10144, Tallinn) to Tartu Coach Station (address: Turu 2, 51014, Tartu). The journey lasts about 2.5 hours, but time flies when seated in the lounge area. The coaches have free WiFi, hot beverages, and an entertainment system onboard. Bus tickets can be bought from here, Tallinn Coach Station, or Tallinn Airport.



From Tallinn by train
The Elron train service has regular trips between Tallinn and Tartu a few times a day. The train leaves from Balti Jaam in Tallinn (address: Toompuiestee 37, Tallinn) to Tartu Railway Station (address: Vaksali 6, Tartu). Tartu Railway Station is located in a historical station building 1.5 km from the city centre. The journey lasts from 2 hours. Train tickets can be bought from here or also at the stations or from the train.

The train station is approximately an 11-minute walk from Aparaaditehas.






In Tartu by bus
For information about the public transportation system in Tartu, please click here. You can use the Tartu Bus Schedule smartphone application. Tartu public transport is running on an environmentally friendly source of fuel.

If you would like to get from the city centre to Aparaaditehas, choose bus number 1 which leaves on the side of Tartu Kaubamaja from the bus stop "Kesklinn". The approximate trip time will be 2 minutes, you have to get off at the "Pauluse" bus stop. Then you have to walk across the street and there is already Aparaaditehas.



In Tartu by electric scooter and bike
In Tartu, we have Smart Bikes. Tartu Smart Bike Share is a public, self-service bike share system for short trips. It is an environmentally friendly way to experience all that Tartu has to offer. Two-thirds of the fleet is equipped with electric-assist motors that provide riders with an extra boost when pedalling. These are spread all over the city. See how they work HERE.

We also have electric scooters provided by BOLT. They collaborate with cities to make the streets less congested, the air cleaner, and the transportation more accessible to everyone. You can find a charged and ready-to-go scooter on every corner of the city. Learn more about how to start a ride with one HERE.



In Tartu by taxi
We recommend using the environmentally friendly Elektritakso which uses only electric cars. Call +372 588 588 00 to order a taxi.

From Google Play and the Apple store, you can find also our local taxi app BOLT. BOLT taxi prices depend on demand. In the morning and in the evening prices are a little higher than during the day. More information HERE.


What to do once you get to Tartu? See more here!

Take a closer look at the map of Tartu and find the venue, hotels and transportation possibilities.